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Getting started with this course

Before starting this course, you must be able to start a terminal in a Unix environment. You will also have to get familiar with different text editors. A guide for different OS (operation systems) is presented in Course Preparation.

Practical Information

The general idea for this course is that it is a self-study course. This means that the there will be no lectures for this and all material is available for the students online.


Here we list the different topics for this course. In the sections underneath, you'll find a explanatory introduction for each topic, which includes examples and exercises. The last section 'Commands summary' contains all commands used in other sections.


If you're having trouble with some of the material on this course there are a lot of explanatory videos on youtube. Just search for the topic you're confused about and you're very likely to find help. You'll also be able to find a lot of things just by googling.

The website, Explain Shell, is also very useful for determining the function of complex Unix commands with many command line options.