22136 - Metagenomics and Microbiome Analysis

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Course responsible

  • Gisle Vestergaard — Associate professor— gisves@dtu.dk
  • Marlene Danner Dalgaard — Senior researcher, Teamleader DMAC— marld@dtu.dk


How to prepare metagenomic samples for sequencing, including sample purification, quantification and library preparation; metagenomic data processing; metagenomic assembly; to learn to analyse and interpret metagenomics and microbiome data; formulate scientific microbiome questions; poster preparation and presentation

Course material

No textbooks have to be acquired for the course, and none is necessary for following the course. Articles will be available during the course to support understanding of the subjects.

If you need to brush up on your biology: Here is a very nice lecture series (for download to your ipod or computer) by Dr Norman Cohen from Open University named DNA, RNA and protein formation.

The course exercises are made to be run on the Computerome supercomputers and not on your own computer, but your own laptop is needed to log in to the Computerome system. To log in you need a ssh client program. If you are using MS windows, please install Mobaxterm. If you are using a Mac you must have X11 or XQuartz installed, if you have Mac OSX > 10.6 you can install XQuartz from here. Linux should have ssh built-in. Also, a pedestrian guide to UNIX is available on-line.

Course programmes