22111 - Introduction to Bioinformatics

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Formerly known as 36611 and 27611

Practical information

DTU's Studies Handbook about #22111

This course is taught in English from 2019 (previously taught in Danish), and it is a practically oriented, introductory 4th semester course. All students from DTU and other universities are welcome.

For more information, please contact: Associate Professor Henrik Nielsen (henni@dtu.dk), External Associate Professor Rasmus Wernersson (rawe@dtu.dk), or Course Coordinator Antonia Celinah Majlund Bjørstorp (acmb@dtu.dk).

If you want to participate in the course, please sign up through the Studies Division ("studiekontoret") at DTU. If you are not enrolled at the Technical University of Denmark, you have to sign up as a guest student (more information here: General Information for guest students from other Danish Universities)

Course programme



Archive: The archive can be found in the old wiki here.

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